Countdown To A UK Relocation (2-4 Weeks Before)

This is the second edition in our ‘Countdown To A UK Relocation’ series, which aims to tackle the actions that need to be considered for a successful relocation. This week we look at the various tasks that should be considered in the month before the move takes place. Moving to a new country can involve a great deal of processes, but with good preparation any potential stress can be minimised.

Whilst the following list isn’t exhaustive, it should provide some ideas to help with planning a future relocation:

  • Take a ruthless walk through the house to determine what you really want to take.
  • Clearly label items – e.g. ‘left in house’, ‘put into storage’, ‘take to the UK’.
  • Have a clear-out. Hold a garage sale or call a charity for pick-up.
  • Clean out club, gym and school lockers.
  • Arrange for the disconnection or changeover of utilities.
  • Begin packing less-used items. Number and label each box and keep an inventory.
  • Retrieve and return all borrowed items from neighbours & friends; return library books.
  • Pick up all dry cleaning, pictures at framers, etc.
  • Clean out food cupboards. Don’t buy any more food than you have to.

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