What to Look Out For in a Removals Company

Whether looking to move to a new office or relocate the family, moving is one of those jobs where you never realise quite how epic a task it is until you get started. What starts life as a simple move maybe 20 miles from home soon becomes the mother of all logistical undertakings the likes of which most just aren’t cut out to handle. This goes double if trying to juggle a career and/or a busy family life at the same time, which is why taking on the help of the pros comes highly recommended every time.

The only slight headache is that with dozens, often hundreds of removals firms to choose from you can easily find yourself a bit lost. Most just pick the first name at random that offers the right price, but this can prove to be a rather large and costly mistake.

So with the simplest of moves in mind, here’s a look at just a few key things to look out for before signing on the dotted line:

Conclusive Quotes

Gone are the days when a removals company could get away with quoting you a hundred quid for a job and in the end bill you for a grand – it just isn’t an acceptable way of doing business. As such, the first thing to look for in terms of price is the promise of a conclusive quote that will not change half-way through for any given reason. If they’re professional enough, they should know exactly what it will cost and how long it will take them.

Time in Business

Newcomers aren’t always to be avoided, but at the same time your move will go infinitely easier if they have plenty of relevant experience. Not only is it a simple case of practice making perfect, but those in the industry for longer are far more likely to have built up the kind of inventories of tools and provisions you need to get your move sorted – including vehicles.

Local Knowledge

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that an urgent office move in the busiest corner of London is a totally different task to a relaxed move out in the country. As such, it is always a good idea to look into how experienced or otherwise the firm under consideration is in the area in question. The more local knowledge they have in the relevant area, the easier, faster and probably cheaper the move will be.


Any firm in this or any industry with pride in its own performance should be insistent when it comes to offering guarantees. These should cover the price you pay, the time in which the job will be completed, the safety of your possession and ultimately the quality of the service package.


And finally, there are no words and views more important than those of the real-life clients and customers that have already used the services. As such, never fail to factor feedback into any decision you make as this could be the truest insight you get into the way the company works.

By Lisa Morton

Lisa Morton, having recently relocated with the help of a removals company in Plymouth, took to blogging to share her musings.  She’s currently guest blogging in behalf of Hackworthy and Sons, a known removals company in the area.  You can add her in Google+.

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