About TRC

People underestimate the amount of time and work involved in a relocation to a new country or area. The Relocation Consultancy exists to make life easier for you and reduce the stress for all involved in the moving process.

Moving around your own country involves a great deal of processes – locating the right area to move to, finding a property to rent/buy, arranging the Tenancy Agreement, researching schools and getting a place for your children, getting your furniture moved, etc. – and moving to a new country involves even more (visas, tax and travel arrangements to name but a few).  The Relocation Consultancy can guide you gently through all these processes, making sure you don’t miss anything important, but also ensuring that you don’t become overwhelmed by all that needs to be done. With the support of The Relocation Consultancy, you remain completely in control of your destiny, but you will have much of the more mundane administration and hard graft removed from your hands.

Our young, vibrant team have an enormous amount of experience and excellent contacts for the full range of services you might require. But, we believe our most important selling point is that we genuinely care about all the people we work for, and their families. We fully embrace each move and each Consultant personally ensures that every family has their requirements met, often going ‘above and beyond the call of duty’ to do so!

As there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to relocation, each project is tailor-made to the needs of the individual, their family and the company. We offer a number of different packages and services to suit varying requirements and can provide a totally flexible ‘mix and match’ service for clients who have a multitude of moves to coordinate, fixed financial budgets or time limits.

Our 25+ years of experience means we can assess exactly the levels of service required by each assignee and their family. We work alongside HR and Line Managers, providing the assistance they need when they need it, and, by underpinning a company’s aims and visions, we offer a seamless and highly personal service to all involved.

Our client testimonials, case studies and questionnaire results are a testament to the hard work and caring attitude demonstrated by all our representatives. Indeed, 100% of respondents to our questionnaires have stated that they are ‘happy with the home/location found by TRC for me’, and 100% would ‘recommend TRC to a friend/colleague’*.

*Source: Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires 2008-June 2011. % figures based on all completed questionnaires for those receiving specified services.

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