Reducing the stress for international corporate moves

The Relocation Consultancy - Reducing the stress for international corporate movesIn this post, you will find out how relocation management services can help to reduce the stress involved in managing an international corporate move.

Organising staff relocations to a range of destinations can be a time-consuming and complicated process. Relocation management services can help to simplify your staff mobilisations, by providing you with your own team to administer much of the work for you.

There are many benefits to outsourcing in this way, including:

  1. Rather than having to pay for staff salaries, office space and training in order for you to have your own global mobility team, you simply pay the qualified staff at your relocation management company to take over the administration of each staff move.
  2. You remain completely in control of your staff moves, but you will be spared much of the more mundane administration.
  3. Other crucial services, such as furniture removals, visas and cultural training can be negotiated on your behalf and integrated fully into the relocation process.
  4. You should only need to deal with one contact at the relocation management company, who will liaise with all the service providers on your behalf, meaning there are no issues with miscommunication or conflicting time zones.
  5. Your company will achieve the best value for money with the minimum stress, inconvenience and disruption for yourself and your assignees.

The Relocation Consultancy recognise the need for global relocation solutions in today’s increasingly international marketplace. As such, we have established relationships with destination service providers worldwide, to ensure that assignees receive consistently high quality services at a wide range of destinations. As an independent company, we have been able to carefully select our partners on the basis of their service quality, company ethos and experience with assignees. Our international relocation management division, Relolink, has been created specifically to meet the requirements of assignees moving from the UK to destinations worldwide, via a network of business alliances. Full details can be found at the Relolink website.

The Relocation Consultancy are experts in destination services and provide a range of options to support assignees. For a FREE consultation on the services that may be suitable for your company, call +44 (0)118 947 0029 or email Alternately, you can find out more about our services at

Helping Assignees Settle In A New Home

The Relocation Consultancy - Helping Assignees Settle In A New Home“The house changes, the neighborhood changes, the friends change, the school changes, the language changes, the culture changes, but the love stays the same.”[Participant quote, ‘At Home Abroad: A Study of Expatriates’ Housing and Its Ties to Assignment Success’, The Interchange Institute]

Destination services, by their very nature, have been designed to help assignees settle quickly and comfortably into a new location. But apart from the vast number of anecdotal comments and testimonials from satisfied clients, there hasn’t been an enormous amount of research quantifying the role of destination services in supporting relocations. Anne P. Copeland, Ph.D., Founder and Executive Director of The Interchange Institute, has made it her mission to change that. And her research makes interesting reading, supporting much of what relocation support services have been saying for many years.

Here follows just a few of the useful insights that her research has uncovered in recent years, which we, as destination service providers, use to support relocating assignees:

  1. Consider how a potential home’s layout and arrangement of furniture and appliances will influence family interaction. The most satisfied expatriate families were those living in homes that promoted more and easier communication within the family.
  2. If this is an employee’s first assignment, they are likely to require additional support to adapt into a new home. Those with more experience living in homes for shorter periods of time may have an easier time adapting to a new expatriate home.
  3. Accompanying spouses’ housing concerns should be considered carefully. Their housing satisfaction is closely related to assignment outcome.
  4. Research how assignees feel about leaving their current home, and treat those leaving an ‘idealized home’ with special care. If assignees were happy with the homes found for them and saw them as like their favourite homes, they demonstrated better mental health, rated the assignment more positively and felt more settled.
  5. Find out more about the assignee’s favourite home. Where feasible, the home located should be as similar as possible in terms of size of common living space and kitchen, space for children’s play, decor and design, layout, available space for interests, amount and type of light, comfort, and level of luxuriousness.

The simple tips listed above can help both HR departments and relocation companies to ask the right questions when supporting assignees, and can be invaluable indicators as to the best approach to take with each individual/family involved. Housing policy generosity and flexibility, and the provision of relocation assistance were found in Dr Copeland’s research to be clearly related to how settled assignees felt in their new homes.

Those who settle into their new homes quickly were also found to have significantly better mental health, more positive views of their assignment, were more likely to say they would move again on a similar assignment, and were more likely to plan to stay on assignment for its full duration. The home finding services provided by relocation companies are designed to be incredibly efficient, helping assignees to settle comfortably into suitable homes as quickly as possible.

[The facts and insights expressed in this article can be read in full within ‘At Home Abroad: A Study of Expatriates’ Housing and Its Ties to Assignment Success’, at The Interchange Institute’s website.]

The Relocation Consultancy are experts in destination services and provide a range of options to support families moving to the UK. For a FREE consultation on the services that may be suitable for you, call +44 (0)118 947 0029 or email Alternately, you can find out more about our services at

How Relocation Specialists Can Save You Money

The services provided during an employee relocation can make or break an assignment. Accordingly, it is crucially important that the employee and their family receive the right level of support and counselling before, during the move, and also at their final destination.

Too often, international assignments fail, and evidence shows that the financial cost to the company can be as much as 2½ times the annual salary cost of the employee. Not only that, a failed assignment can lead to employees refusing future international transfers, create family relationship problems, and possibly result in them leaving the company prematurely. Many large international companies provide full relocation support to assist their employees throughout a company transfer. Even if a full relocation package is not provided, it can still be worth seeking professional support for at least some parts of the process. Whilst it may seem cheaper and more expedient to handle an international relocation in-house, it can result in a very stressful and complicated process for the employee, as well as the in-house corporate function. For example, obtaining work visas can be extremely complex, varying from country to country, and from individual to individual; the various tax systems can be difficult to comprehend for the average lay person; and tenancy law is a potential minefield, with mistakes leading to costly and stressful circumstances for the employee.

Outsourcing can often be the most effective and cost efficient option. Destination Service Providers (DSP’s) are experts in their field, so clients can be confident that their transferees are supported appropriately at every step of the way. By outsourcing, companies will not need to employ and train staff in this discipline, saving both time and resource. Outsourcing can also
enable companies to identify and track assignment costs more easily, and reporting processes will be more defined. From the employee’s perspective, outsourcing provides additional benefits. The objectivity and independent advice provided by relocation consultants can be invaluable for their decision-making process, and the reassurance of having someone available locally to look after their interests can give valuable emotional support.

Relocation professionals take away a great deal of the strain at a time when someone is leaving their home country for a new position overseas, whether alone, or with their family. Most overseas locations are diverse, with desirable and less favourable areas, sub-standard and excellent schools, and so on. Having trusted, confident support at the new destination can be invaluable for helping a family to settle into a home that is ‘right’ in all respects. Relocation professionals manage the process of relocation to ensure a smooth move – this can include a variety of tasks such as securing temporary accommodation, sourcing a rental property, drawing up Tenancy Agreements, finding school places for children, negotiating removals or furniture rental quotes, arranging necessary documents, and, booking language/cross cultural training.

The Relocation Consultancy Limited (TRC) is an independent relocation specialist providing UK-wide coverage at a local level. Our consultants are selected for their excellent knowledge of local areas, and their close relationships with letting agents and schools. Because they live in the area themselves, they know far more about the area than can be obtained by ‘Google-ing’! They also deal with expatriates every day and so have a vast knowledge of the concerns and issues they might face.